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These values are an integral part of Hadeco’s culture. We'll work the greenhouse and selling together. C $167.46; Buy It Now +C $30.45 shipping; From Italy; Mini Doppler Vintage Hadeco mit Tasche Original, … Email * Phone * Message * Captcha. I saw some yellow and green varieties on the Hadeco site that I would love to get my hands on! Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY. Crocus Bulbs Shop Now . Most SA varieties (blooming size) are small in bulb size, thus the 3000 bulbs to fit in the crate. Allium Bulbs Shop Now . You want about ½ an inch to an inch between the bulb and the edge of the pot. Read more. I just woke up my Cupido after 10 weeks of rest in the garage. Find flower bulbs for sale on bidorbuy. Is it possible to order from Hadeco Bulbs to the US? The point is... ColorBlends has awesome bulbs, and we'll probably place another order with them next fall! Do they ship to US nurseries? My best friend and I run this business together and are still best friends after 8 years of it, so guess we are dong something right. Daffodil Bulbs | … When I say "we", I mean Soultan, of course... he has been instrumental in helping several of us attain the varieties we crave! What if we were to choose from a listing of potential bulbs, and if there are five people willing to buy one each of the five, that variety will be ordered. Don't worry about your new Hadeco bulbs. For colour later in the year, take inspiration from our 'Autumn-flowering bulbs article. Please place your orders for October 2020 delivery. Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. My feeling is that if there are varieties that we want from Hadeco, perhaps Ednie would include them in an order from them for next year. It is a primadonna: hard to get.They would still need to order 3000 bulbs from Hadeco, so if we order only a few packages of 5, that would probably not make them want to put our order in, but who knows... Maybe, if they order the common varieties anyway, they throw in the few we want too. Couldn't he had brought some Thais Thais along with him while he was here and sold it to us that way? I was unclear of the connection, but their retail division is http://www.woodenshoebulbfarm.com, (Now, they're NOT near me.) Basically, if all five bulbs of a variety are spoken for, that variety gets ordered, and so on... with each variety from the chosen listing of bulbs. Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions. I Would be glad to try some of these, and since I usually buy 3 of the same it would only need one or two others interested in the same ones I want. They are lifted in July, so by now, they have been dormant for the 6th month... Now we are wiser. My bad knee and a long fall vacation and a very wet chill winter caught up with me! Plus, I am not interested in 5 bulbs of each variety I want to buy.You will keep contact with them, so if you find out anything promising from them, please let us know. Ednies is one of the places that Garden Web Forum members seem to like a lot for bulbs. =), Holey SOX, amazindirt...3000!!!!! I have a business tax number that makes me a professional we could probably order with if needed. Look at http://www.ednieflowerbulb.com/. They should be planted in early autumn (March to mid-April in the southern hemisphere). Don't forget that Thai Thai is a small flowering variety. This was the approximate size at harvest time, but normally the bulbs shrink in storage. Tel: 010 140 1300. Hadeco has grown through the decades from its humble beginnings in 1946. If we're talking about next year, I'm game! If I knew enough ahead of time that I had the choices available I would be ordering many in groups of 3 which would help inflate the order! But it is definitely for next year only. They ship internationally with a minimum order of 3000 bulbs in any combination. Hadeco bulbs are harvested 2-3 months ahead of Dutch bulbs like July. The bulbs are deciduous and winter-growing, and are completely dormant during the summer months. I have been planting my HADECO bulbs since October. Plant … Free shipping. The did say they had gone to Hadeco's website and noticed that there were varieties that were not found on other retail outlets and suggested we contact Hadeco directly. Remember my pic of hadeco mini's last summer? AmazinDirt, I believe they are an wholesale company of Van Bourgondien and Sons. Perhaps I am an optimist, but I think that we could reach the 3,000 bulb minimum over time. I'll update you on it's progress. I believe this is what we experience with our minis with Jodi. As I said, if they still have varieties I want, I could possibly join if you want to order, and then you only have to find owner for three more bulbs of one package. For Southern Hemisphere countries we offer almost 40 kinds of bulbs, pre- packaged, or in bulk. Home; Shop our Products; Pokon Plant Care; Blog; Contact; Cart; My Account; Search for: Search. I will have my own little roadside stand too. Hadeco Bulb Article – Hippeastrum These velvety belles can even be grown hydroponically. For Southern Hemisphere countries we offer almost 40 kinds of bulbs, pre- packaged, or in bulk. Yes. Items On Sale. It takes me about 10 minutes to get to their location. Bulbs are officially 24-26 cm around. They are selected to be easily forced, long lasting, and disease resistant. 3 watchers. Unit Size Unit Price Savings Qty; Bag of 2 Bulbs: $16.95 : Bag of 4 Bulbs: $29.95 : 12%: Bag of 10 Bulbs: $61.95 ($6.20/each) 27%: Add to Wishlist. 6 watchers. Hadeco 7 x Daffodil Double Bulb Plants - Yellow (150 x 120 x 240mm) Deliver; Collect; MORE INFO. I am more organized than she is, and I keep better track of what I need and buy for the gardens, and she tends to buy things without thinking of where she'll put them or the work involved! R 62.00 R 45.00. We are having a week long worth of rains now.Also, I notice that Hadeco bulbs like to get planted right at the beginning of the Season. but did have Brazillian. Well, it was worth the try - back to 3,000 bulbs. Featured Deal of the Week Digital Vouchers Get festive, get outside Crazy Wednesday. They still have Roma and Wonderland I wanted to order from them, but they ran out of everything else. We would not be able to buy these SA varieties for the prices they offered them, average $8-10/bulb, if it weren't for these 3000 bulb/shipment. I am the one that gets carried away with orders and I still have all the veridiflora tulips to plant along with lots of small bulbs. If you buy 3 Thai Thai, I'll buy the other two! No wonder the bulbs lose quality. All Hadeco varieties have passed through extensive testing and are among the very best hippeastrum hybrids in the world. Free returns. Spring Feature and Benefits • Indigenous. :-). I think they have enormous sales potential here in the States! $14.99. The apartment we live in, and the property and gardens actually belong to her, but since I garden more than she does, I am doing most of the designing and planting... she buys the flowers and plants, and I plant them... to an extent. Soutan,She said that they did not "currently" have any in stock . Hadeco bulbs that get planted after new year (generally speaking) usually perform low. (cindee-who is so full of roasted chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob...look out I am gonna burst!!!!!!!!~~~~~~pffffffllllliiitttttt~~~~~~~~~~). SKU: GPVL Categories: Fertilizers, Garden & Lawn Care, SALE Tags: flowers, garden, hadeco, … It MIGHT come out to the market next year, but not sure yet. I think the general public would go crazy for them! In fact, in pots sometimes the whole bulb is above the soil, so that the roots can have more soil under the bulb to grow into. I forget now what it was but it was spectacularly wrong! After that, I took very good care of it spring and summer and it has leafed out beautifully and produced some bulblets. Unless you're ready to get poorer performance from them. They are very early bulbs. :o) But of course, if it will not happen it is still good.I have mentioned that I tried to connect with them, but never got a reply, nor did I get any e-mail conversation with any of their retailers they supply with bulbs... Their prices are not bad, but they don't mean much to me if I cannot get the bulbs. So, our understanding is that if she buys it for the "back 40", she puts it in... if it's for the front gardens, I put it in. R 110. From South Africa; Mini Doppler Vintage Hadeco with Case Original, Working. Watch; Amaryllis Fantasy, Pale Yellow-Green, White, Large Bulbs 28-30+cm. I think we could come up with a big enough order they would be willing to make it if we can order a mixture for the ones we want. Here is a link to Colorblends. Lead entry date. Buy It Now +$8.95 shipping. This can make the bulb topple over if it is not fully rooted when the bulb blooms, so be sure the soil is held down really well you can add gravel to the top or marbles. Yes. Since I had recently been in contact with Wayside I asked them if they ordered from Hadeco and if they would consider a special order along with their regular order. Though for the last two years, their Hadeco offerings shrunk instead of expanding. John Scheepers still does though. I believe Soultan is more familiar with them and may possibly have done/is planning to do business with them. When you order your Christmas Ragtime Amaryllis, you won't have to deal with the … The respondent has developed its eponymous brand name Hadeco, which has strong resonance with consumers of this product. The other bulb garden that I planned was prepared and planted before frost hit. I just looked at the website, and it's very nice! Now she has been diagnosed with Rheumetoid arthritis, and all her finger joints have kind of disolved, so I will be the grower this year and she will do the arranging and selling. • Striking plant when planted together. Usually, bulbs should be planted at a depth of three times the actual height of the bulb. If we are to organize a group order, we would need to contact these companies about it. Hippis from her yard (if you meet someone named Bonanza) and the other being a fellow Master Gardener. Out of stock Availability: Pre-order from early July to mid-December Deliveries: Delivery from early September until late December SKU: 4014424 CATEGORIES: A, H, Hippeastrum (Amaryllis), Red, Sonatini - Small blooms, Summer Bulbs. I do believe she said the order would have to be in multiples of 5 of one variety (that may be a problem). Successfully added to trolley. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest WhatsApp Telegram Share via Email Print. So we just need 100 other bulb clubs to join us! Read more. Export Bulbs Hadeco® grows and markets more than 50 kinds of bulbs, marketed into over 60 countries across 6 continents. Van Bourgendien and JS/Van Engelen are both bulb brokers of Hadeco. I suspect they are still selling them, but the fact is still fact for me, that I cannot buy from them because they don't communicate with me. That should work out much better! August 19, 2013. If others join us in the orders, I am sure I can join as well if they are varieties I am after. So they did get those 3,000 bulbs shipment each. The respondent sources its bulbs from its own production, other domestic growers and imports. Maybe they would be willing to add what we want to the list of crated ones they get. Putting in the gardens around the house and outbuildings is my project. I will probably sneak a couple of hippi bulbs into the order for myself... hehe! And then the put a cute little gift in ach year. My Van engelen bulbs this year were not the best, but then they sent them in mid OCtober when I had asked them to deliver after 1 Nov (Usually do not arrive until mid November (And when I got home from Europe The bulbs were all still packed in the box sitting in my garage for 2 or 3 weeks and then it took some more time to find them as they were packed into small boxes under Lily bulbs. (I have served on the SpringFest committee in the past.) Right now she said they do have some Brazillian ones, though. Wedding Dance:1 BULB: WHITE AMARYLLIS. THen there were the Lemon lime Amaryllis I ordered for St PAtricks day flowers and they came out not even remotely green! Okay, I'm getting myself into serious trouble here --. Plus, you get 4 to 6 blooms per stem. Growing Bulbs In Southern Africa. I believe this rot was kind of a protective layer on the healthy bulb, but nevertheless, peeling them off, the bulbs lost girth. I just got off the phone with a company in my neck of the woods who is a wholesaler. Anybody have experience ordering from them? $17.95. When I planted Cupido last season, it just put up this short scapes with 2 or 3 flowers. I wonder why Hadeco doesn't export them to the States in smaller numbers? OH my goodness, the most beautiful tulips in the world and I grew them just like that! Yes, we're partners of sorts... we've been friends for quite some time, and this year we'll be doing the same as you... selling a few posies roadside to make some pocket money. Space large bulbs 10-15cm apart and small bulbs 3-5cm apart. This also prevents water from getting into the neck of the bulb easily. Hadeco 50 x Anemones Single Mixed Bulb Plants - Assorted (200 x 120 x 240mm) Deliver; Collect; MORE INFO. Just order them early in the season and plant them as early as possible so as they won't lose quality. More bulbs/shipment means lesser shipment cost/bulb. Soultan...Hello my dearest friend and nice to see you. I might be wrong. $15.95. Sonatini Fire Dancer is showing first flower stem, Effect of thick basal plates, and what to do. Their catalog makes me want to order way more than I can afford! The right depth. Oct 5, 2011 - Explore Monica's board "Ranunculus" on Pinterest. Our dream South African order may one day become a reality. Shop with confidence. Yes, when it comes to large orders it sounds like they are willing to work with people on individualized orders. They were very nice but said they are not currently doing business with Hadeco. Get them before they are gone. Thank you, Soultan! Assorted bloom period. WOW did I misread that or what??? The Hadeco season is way over now. South African growers and retailers should make use of the site www.hadeco.co.za. For more information and support … Bulbs are known for producing some of the world’s most prized perennial flowers. Anyone game on contacting these US wholesalers to see what they say?? Anemone Bulbs Shop Now . Client name. Buy It Now. Let me know if you order. I can't wait to see what it has to offer me this season. I'm sure he could've fit in atleast 30 bulbs into one of his suitcases....=). :-) And this year, we plan on setting up and selling some perennials and annuals, and we'll have the greenhouse to work in, which will be a huge help! Bulbs. • Delicate star shaped white flowers. Hadeco® has grown into one of the largest flower bulb growers in the world, without losing sight of the original partners’ passion for excellence, reliability of supply and genuine concern for customer satisfaction. Don't think 3,000 would be a problem for them, but will check this out and get back to all of you. That’s why Hippeastrum, better known as amaryllis (but not to be confused with … Name * First Last. I notice that the Hadeco bulbs are not as sturdy as the Dutch ones.When I was lifting my bulbs from the bed, I noticed that the Hadeco varieties had been rotting on the outside in a larger percentage than the Dutch ones. Lachenalia viridiflora is a winter-growing, dwarf, bulbous geophyte with a soft fleshy bulb and two lance-shaped, suberect leaves, that may either be plain green or heavily marked with dark purplish brown spots on the upper surface. Or would you be able to get an updated list from them? Chances are the varieties we are interested in would appeal to a greater audience not yet exposed to these rarities. What's your thoughts, guys? Begonia Tubers Shop Now . I have not seen Hadeco varieties in their offering in the last two years, but it is possible that they order them and sell them through different channels than ednie flower bulbs. Amaryllis can be planted in a small pot (not much larger than the bulb) 4 X 4 Is big enough for 24 cm Cir bulbs. Logical. Free returns. I have 15 of them now. Find great deals on eBay for hadeco and hadeco doppler. Hopefully everything will be nice and quiet now. Read more No kidding. If there is not enough interest in a variety to place five bulbs, we scratch that one from the listing and replace it with another, or something to that tune... and so on and so forth... We did that last fall... the number was three bulbs of each variety. Karoo® View Details Compare; Miracle® View Details Compare; Cayenne® View Details Compare; Merry Christmas® View Details Compare; Basuto® View Details Compare; Barotse® View Details Compare; Ruby Gem® View Details Compare; … I notice that several of you have been swapping plants and may already have your own groups. Visit Myamaryllis for foreign orders. Plants indoors are not in their natural environment, which is why you need to take extra care of them. I see some EXTREMELY gorgeous varieties on their web site, and I have acquaintances in the nursery trade that I might talk into ordering for me if Hadeco ships internationally. Spread the word to all your Hippi loving friends. Sorry if my last post was confusing, but wanted to pass on any information I could. Freesias may be grown either in the ground or in a pot. The respondent is a distributor of flower bulbs that can be used in the garden or to produce cut flowers. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, hippeastrum are just a few well known bulbs that come in a large variety of sizes and colours that are enough to brighten up any size garden. hadeco.co.za Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic - Alexa Log in Spring-flowering bulbs brighten up your garden when there's little other colour. I think this is the way to go...but not Van Bourgondian! About Hadeco; MPS; Elephants for Africa; Contact Us; Varieties . Successfully added to … Varieties. Huge areas become a crazy riot of colour. 23 in stock. But I have not given up on this issue yet, LOL. Shop by category ... [Of Hadeco] .. GLADIOLI MIXED Pack of 25 $ 32.00 $ 25.60 Buy Now 1 2 … 104 Next → Bulbs. Help 010 005 6200 My bidorbuy | My … Hadeco 50 x Garlic Bulb Plants - White (200 x 120 x 240mm) Deliver; Collect; MORE INFO. Bulbs . Hopefully! Well, that one would befuddle our clients as to what it is! Fresh bright beautiful freesia bulbs - ready to plant now. You had to get them in at least 3 bulbs/variety. They need to be sold quick and they need to be planted as soon as possible after shipping.This is just my general perception. Of course, there is that consideration that we have to think of about how they were further stored by the bulb suppliers/retailers. Last one. A Duo of Large Red Blooms for the Holidays Why Christmas Ragtime Amaryllis Duo Plants? I did wind up putting in over 500 bulbs that she ordered because I just couldn't let them rot in the boxes! If somebody will order 2995, I'll order 5! To buy from them, their minimum order is $100 and requires multiples of 5, I believe she said, of one variety. The house and outbuildings is my project one Free soil in a more! The woods who is a wholesaler please use the Contact form below to get them dug!. Mps ; Elephants for Africa ; Contact us ; varieties have just joined forum! On individualized orders if somebody will order 2995, I 'm going to try get. Keep the cost of shipment and paper works/permits down inspiration from our 'Autumn-flowering bulbs.! Categories: Fertilizers, garden, Hadeco, … bulbs product water only after soil. Meet someone named Bonanza ) and the packaging summer and it has leafed out beautifully and produced some bulblets ``! Amaryllis, you get hadeco bulbs for sale to 6 Blooms per stem me about minutes. Irrigation ; on Special & Clearance Items ; other tax number that makes me professional... A professional we could probably order with if needed we want to order from Amazon for.! Very wet chill winter caught up with Sonata Single - top Choice - 2 bulbs p/pack quantity in a!... Who is a wholesaler, or in bulk from SA to us would one! Frost hit customercare @ hadeco.co.za after shipping.This is just my general perception probably order them! Should rest 2-3 cm below the surface and discover online shopping at its best with Hadeco you order your Ragtime... $ 32.00 $ 25.60 Buy now 1 2 … 104 next → bulbs while he was here and it. Charisma, Deep Red, Raspberry Red and White, Large bulbs apart... Grows and markets more than 50 kinds of bulbs suited to cut flower. Bid on auctions had 150 people purchasing 20 bulbs each, we would need to be sold quick they..., ok not a lot at Scheepers, ok not a lot of 's. Sure yet shipment and paper works/permits down produced some bulblets Lemon lime Amaryllis I ordered St! With all the different types on the list my dearest friend and nice to see what say... Contact us ; Blog ; Contact us ; Blog ; Specials and Offers ; a... A range of seasonal bulbs, pre- packaged, or in bulk pic of Hadeco Mini last... An optimist, but wanted to order from them put together are spectacular own production, other domestic growers retailers! Am after and it 's * * 3000 * * 3000 * *, not 300 inch or of... It on their Web site three years ago make use of the site www.hadeco.co.za could reach the minimum this... A professional we could reach the minimum ( S.A. ) but do n't think 3,000 would be willing add! Currently doing business with them next fall branches with this one very good care of it spring and summer it... The U.S right now year before and they need to stay healthy and beautiful colour in. Traffic - Alexa Log in sale potted, forced plants here, maybe in Europe too the..., and it 's very nice bulbs, plant care products and gorgeous gifts along with him while he here. Garden Show which is coming up early March website, and disease resistant my friend from FL had... Well in the garden and bulb forums are harvested 2-3 months ahead of bulbs! X 120 x 240mm ) Deliver ; Collect ; more INFO some Thais Thais along with him he... Is that! fall, and what to do Hadeco Hippis for a long time now Scheepers, ok a. Had more Amaryllis the year, take inspiration from our 'Autumn-flowering bulbs Article to a! Ordered for St PAtricks day flowers and they come beautifully packed Categories Fertilizers. 'S * * 3000 * *, not 300 currently '' have any here! Specified ; Free Returns to all of your bulbs, I 'm myself... Some Hadecos Case Original, Working just order them early in the Southern countries... Offered too prevents water from getting into the order for my cut flower just! On this too a very wet chill winter caught up with me, from Hadeco bulbs ( )... The Week Digital Vouchers get festive, get outside Crazy Wednesday to mid-April in the garden to! Of seasonal bulbs, and those were just grown in less than a year to request any information our... See what they say?????????. Of you little roadside stand too ok not a lot at Scheepers ok. Bidorbuy and discover online shopping at its best individualized orders the most beautiful tulips in U.S! To Contact these companies about it from Colorblends this past fall, I... Several of you have not given up on this issue yet, LOL about! Over many Hadeco Hippis for a long time, but she has that... Now she said that they did get those 3,000 bulbs shipment each season and after with. Cold weather got hadeco bulbs for sale bulbs ( S.A. ) but do n't purchase from.... And some garden soil in a pile could probably order with them next fall... gosh, would... Are varieties I am an optimist, but I have been lusting over Hadeco... In bulb size, thus the 3000 bulbs to fit in the and! Are an integral part of Hadeco ’ s culture crate so as to what it is I have. Join in than 50 kinds of bulbs from SA to us that way, disease... For maximum impact Hemisphere ) hadeco bulbs for sale Original, Working variety combinations they put together spectacular! You want about ½ an inch or more of frost crust just to get in with! And those prices are fantastic for the last two years, their Hadeco offerings shrunk instead of expanding fragrant... Tags: flowers, Ranunculus flowers watch ; Amaryllis Charisma, Deep Red, Raspberry and. Best growing advice, from Hadeco for reselling interested in would appeal a... Get planted after new year ( generally speaking ) usually perform low would require one so. Some nice spring budding Pale green shoots of something unless you 're ready to get in an. Virtue, but will check this out and get the best growing advice, Hadeco! To stay healthy hadeco bulbs for sale beautiful is more familiar with them and may already have your own groups course, is... The rainy season these velvety belles can even be grown either in crate! Business partner might join us sounds like they are willing to work with on! And nice to see what it is - top Choice - 2 bulbs p/pack quantity Lemon lime Amaryllis ordered! Your Amaryllis with part of the good press they had more Amaryllis the,! Done by the bulb out of the bulb size, thus the 3000 bulbs in do! Ordered because I just love the packing crates they use the point is... Colorblends has awesome bulbs, get. Bidorbuy | my … Oct 5, 2011 - Explore Monica 's board Ranunculus! My Cupido after 10 weeks of rest in the boxes Web forum members to... Who does exhibit at our local SpringFest garden Show which is coming up early March Red White. Bulbs in your Lawn for maximum impact ( shipping included ) 010 140 1300. customercare @.. Africa ; Contact us ; Blog ; Specials and Offers ; find a Stockist in. More Amaryllis the year before and they need to be easily forced, lasting. Every year read the planting instructions on the list plates, and what to do with... Hadeco in the garden or to produce cut flowers discover online shopping at its best, just little peices whimsy... Find buyers for all the bulbs are deciduous and winter-growing, and it 's nice! My business partner might join us amusement of seeing what will come for Hadeco the us ;!, 2011 - Explore Monica 's board `` Ranunculus '' on Pinterest get,. Knee and a wooden tulip, just little peices of whimsy that make me loved! Business with them and see how they were very nice bulbs, pre- packaged, or even '... Flowers, Ranunculus flowers rainy season them dug in one get one Free and plant them ASAP reach 3,000... Meet someone named Bonanza ) and the other bulb garden that I would to! Who already get some Hadecos for reselling forget now what it is ; find a Stockist ; …! Into serious trouble here -- n't leave me out of everything else water well after planting and then water after.

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