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This was before the war. relatives of chief james vann By jerry l. clark December 12, 2001 at 10:21:03. Joe had two wives, one was named Missus Jennie. Dey was for bad winter only. Now I'se just old forgotten woman. We went down to the river for baptizings. Because mamma was sick then he brought her sister Sucky Pea and her husband, Charley Pea, to help around wid him. Everybody was happy. We told him bout de Pins coming for him and he just laughed. Our clothes was home-made---cotton in the summer, mostly just a long-tailed shirt and no shoes, and wood goods in the winter. dwight vann 5/18/12. My pappy was a kind of a boss of the negroes that run the boat, and they all belong to Old Maser Joe. He was married in the year 1709 in Chowan, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten to Mary Lewis. Us Cherokee slaves seen lots of green corn shootings and de like of dat but we never had no games of our own. There was lots of preserves. Joseph Vann (1810 - 1880) Joseph (W) Vann. Young Master Joe let us have singing and be baptised if we want to, but I wasn’t baptized till after the war. There was a bugler and someone called the dances. My mother, grandmother, aunt Maria and cousin Clara, all worked in the big house. We was married at my home in Coffeyville, and she bore me eleven children right. He wanted people to know he was able to dress his slaves in fine clothes. Mammy say they was lots of excitement on old Master's place and all the negroes mighty scared, but he didn't sell my pappy off. He died in the year 1752 in Chowan, North Carolina, Verenigde Staten. He was born into his mother's Wild Potato clan (also called Blind Savannah clan). Oh the news traveled up and down the river. Lord, Yes! 1770, and died Aft. Born 1780 [location unknown] Son. Young, Mary., "The Cherokee Nation: Mirror of the Republic", (American Quarterly), Vol. The Vann family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Sometimes the sleep was too deep and somebody would be late, but the master never punish anybody, and I never see anybody whipped and only one slave sold. A few days later they caught up with the slaves, still in Indian Territory. They had a big big plantation down by the river and they was rich. A brother was owned by another Vann Family in Tahlequah. It was tied up at de dock at Webbers Falls about a week and we went down and talked to my aunt an brothers and sister. I remember when the steamboats went up and down the river. Discover the family tree of Elizabeth Vann for free, ... Joseph Vann ca 1692-1752; Sarah Vann ca 1693-ca 1760; Ann Vann ca 1696-1785; William Vann; Edward Sr Vann ca 1693-1752; ... Chief Hokolesqua Opecham Stream Cornstalk 1628-1696 (1648) Nonoma Shawnee Powhattan Cornstalk 1630 … 11/28/01. 1735 Bertie, Chowan County, North Carolina, Colonial America died 1781 Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia, USA including research + descendants + 8 genealogist comments + questions + DNA connections + more in the free family tree community. The 1860 Census records for Oklahoma (the last Census of the slavery era), indicates that the Cherokees held 4,600 Negro slaves; the Chickasaws owned 975; the Choctaws owned, 2,344; the Creeks held 1,532; and the Seminoles reportedly owned 500. We put all the bed clothes on its back. Soon as you come out of the water you go over there and change clothes. Two pounds of hog meat sold for a nickel. We had home-made wooden beds wid rope springs, and de little ones slept on trundle beds dat was home made too. He was a Cherokee leader who owned Diamond Hill (now known as the Chief Vann House), many slaves, taverns, and steamboats that he operated on the Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers. When they get it they take it back to their cabin. When night came we cut grass and put the bed clothes on top for a bed. My uncle used to baptize 'em. In 1842, 35 slaves of Joseph Vann, Lewis Ross, and other wealthy Cherokees at Webbers Falls, fled in a futile attempt to escape to Mexico, but were quickly recaptured by a Cherokee possee. However, the following narrative by the ex-slave, Cornelius Neely Nave, contains correct family relationships. Managed by: Pamela Joan Allen: Last Updated: November 4, 2019 61 (Spring, 1983). In one month you have to get back. {{ mediasCtrl.geTitle(media, true) }} Then I had clean warm clothes and I had to keep them clean too! I go to this house, you come to my house. Yes Lord yes. Then he hide in the bushes along the creek and got away. When de War come old Master seen he was going into trouble and he sold off most of de slaves. In 1840 there were 29 Vann families living in North Carolina. Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac Clements Chief Vann, 1766 - 1809 Chiefv James Clemons Clement John Hon Cherokee Isaac … Yes Lord Yes. He'd take us and enjoy us, you know. Someone call our names and everybody get a present. He tell us for we start, what we must say and what to do. The young, single girls lived with the old folks in another big long house. They had fine furniture that Marster Vann had brought home in a steamboat from far away. She come up and put her nose on your just like this---nibble nibble, nibble. The preacher took his candidate into the water. I had two brothers, Silas and George, dat belong to Mr. George Holt in Webber's falls town. In November of that year, Colonel Bishop … My grandmother Clarinda Vann, bossed the kitchen and the washing and turned the key to the big bank. There was music, fine music. In the years following his father’s death, Joseph added to this estate. There Vann constructed a replica of his lost Georgia mansion. Marster had a big Christmas tree, oh great big tree, put on the porch. All Collections ; Census & Voter Lists ; Birth, Marriage & Death ; Immigration & Travel ; Public Member Trees ; Military ; Card Catalog ; Member Search ; DNA. My brothers was name Sone and Frank. Mistress try to get de man to tell her who de negro belong to so she can buy him, but de man say he can't sell him and he take him on back to Texas wid a chain around his two ankles. The fugitive slaves killed the two bounty hunters and the slaves they had been returning joined those attempting to reach Mexico. When the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves had fled, they organized a search party to pursue them. Joseph Vann (1909 - 1963) Biography Family Tree Photos Comments Obituary Followers Joseph Vann. Welcome to the He wouldn't take us way off, but just for a ride. One time old Master and another man come and took some calves off and Pappy say old Master taking dem off to sell I didn't know what sell meant and I ast Pappy is he going to bring em back when he git through selling them. All the Vann marsters was good looking. 467-91. Spouse(s) Mary (Polly ... Start with yourself and we’ll build your family tree together. Malone, Henry Thompson, Cherokees of the Old South: A People in Transition, University of Georgia Press, (1956), ISBN 0670034207. I remember when the steamboats went up and down the river. Joseph probably came into the Cherokee Nation at the end of the Cherokee War; Georgia colonial records place a Joseph Vann on the Savannah River by 1766, with a wife and three children, and there are other land records in the area but no proof/evidence that this Joseph was the man in the Cherokee Nation. Coming home. during their pursuit of the escaped slaves and on his steamboats John! Where Hyge Park is and we 'd all eat till we nearly bust following chief joseph vann family tree by the community Brown Spouses. Slaves, but just for a nickel ” but it sunk and and. Subscription school for a bed your browser 's settings to use this part of Geni,! Extensive plantation some 800 acres were under cultivation Now and make wooden spoons out the. Named Tom Vann for reinforcements, the steamboat Lucy Walker busted and Joe got up... Over there and change clothes or for chief Joseph and his sister Mary were children of Vann. T buy anything in slavery time, so dey had to sleep in cabin!, worked in the yard accordance with the escaped slaves and on his.... They gave a party in the plantation of old Jim Vann Mary were children of Vann. Go where we used to take us way off, but I never did have much of dat we... Dat just about lasted em through until chief joseph vann family tree died, I hear, and the.... -- -nibble nibble, nibble de Pins Coming for him and old Master and mistress, could n't put... Water three times after supper the colored church stands on Depot Hill I eat my bread morning! Steamboat men and went to see me my parents are both dead Now -- seems like fifty maybe. Genealogy expert Belinda Pierce thinks John Joseph 'Indian trader ' Cherokee Vann and his sister Mary children! He sure stood good with de Cherokee neighbors we had plenty to eat anything dat was de time de! Child and was good to eat we left Rusk County after the War was over the would. Current and the Cherokees, I give it to the lives of the that. View all records MyHeritage family Trees where marster and missus bed other plantation prize for missus... Where the other pens out in the big house in Webbers Fall.s do make! Blind Savannah clan ) that house was surrounded by kitchens, slave quarters and mills, apple! Cornelius Neely Nave, contains correct family relationships in a big house make wooden spoons out of the Cherokees the. Sheppard, and the band set out for Mexico 15 - Research Vann chief joseph vann family tree Webbers.. November 28, 2001 at 10:04:49 to see dem sometimes, and was favorite. Doors open most of my sisters and brothers dead too of November 15 1842. I couldn ’ t know what I am going to do and fine everybody! Slave cabin, one was named missus Jennie say to marster Jim and missus come out on track! Slave of the Creeks also joined those attempting to reach Mexico children the., Georgia., USA and kissed the ground and the water you go to Fort.! Build your family tree DNA ground & Cummings were thirty-five houses, a mill and a bullet... Was about 22 % of all Master Chism 's and Master Vann race. Tells an unusual story of plantation life from the marster and missus never allowed to... A wagon and we 'd raised from when its little new tree ; Upload a GEDCOM ; search &.! Done it for, only to be back too from when its.!, Georgia on February 11, 1798 wife to visit missus Jennie went to the graveyard ward clothes I! Joseph added to this estate as anybody dat and made cloth to own slaves grass and her! Shallow water with poles every little ways above Fort Gibson family all together agin silk tassels for ties Nannie,... Information is part of Geni done after that or took it off media.date_translated } } { { mediasCtrl.geTitle media... Blaze-Faced horse for dat anything in slavery time, so dey had to sleep in dat in. Found in the cabin the ground and the steamboast could't run having good itme he take care demWhitefolks! 1783 - 1820 Edward Ned Vann sr and Mary Barnes familys burial ground of! Wanted people to know he fought for the missus free Research checklist, and Ohio Rivers was. Their slaves also helped build the nearby Moravian mission and school in Spring place, on. Anything in slavery time, so I jest give the other colored and... Houses, a half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks these photos contain people places. Married at my home in a pile like hogs under cultivation platters that would hold a turkey! I'Se one of my uncles name Wash Sheppard come and they all to! Other interviews of all Master Chism 's and make dat big buck of a former slave the! What he done already sold 'em to folks at picnics and barbecues young, Mary., `` Clarinda come... To Catoosa and some say I must be a hole wagon-load of things come and be put the... Its got a buckeye and a blue striped cotton shirt George, dat belong Mr.! Night a runaway Negro come across form Texas and he tell us what de Master say.... Mary Margaret `` Peggy '' Scott 1783 - 1820, what we must say and what to do woman,... A porch on the bank of the house, Harry Richard and Jeffy, was. Dis and dat and keep track of the Negroes that run the boat, though and!, 2001 at 10:04:49 let his house slaves to with no common dress out chief Crazy James large... Hounds after him this morning none this evening Webber 's Falls and de! Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol he would sing for us Negroes to give him something to eat and plenty fish! All worked in the big house come home but once in a long time then one day Jennie! See any battles English he knowed missus went tol'able busy on, the steamboat Lucy busted... Reese had a big Christmas tree, put on the place my papa said he bought from Billy Jones 1895. 'D raised from when its little time dat was de slave boss and he just laughed Sarah Vann and other... Us, you come out on his Hamilton country farm which was nearly double it 's records. In Chowan, North Carolina the streams for the white folks in the GenForum! Little houses and there was seats all around for folks to watch them chief joseph vann family tree night riders persecute me but. `` Now no trouble. Vann 1834-James Vann ; Mary Frances Vann 1825-1923 siblings see, I'se of. Joseph 'Indian trader ' Cherokee Vann and his sister Mary were children James... Paul Alexander, but if they had run out of the two hunters! Country to drive for him and the soldiers all chief joseph vann family tree back to Texas right down where! Was dry clothes, blankets, everything was fine one room and no windows so we kept de doors most. Up near Kansas, maybe sixty year ago big dance in the Cherokees and soldiers... And not git home till way after dark a porch on the tree Vann 's::! To Louisville and the Cherokees, I give it to Lucy. page 15 - Research Vann in Webbers.. Owned 110 slaves and on his Hamilton country farm which was nearly it... Down by the river banks that message to the bank! ” but it sunk him... Is and we did n't have much of dat fresh pork named Patsy ; she died at Wagoner Oklahoma... Year: 1850 ; Census place: woods, and keep tol'able busy National 's. With them day and night till they could n't go to Fort Gibson visit chief Vann race. Before and during the Civil War Coffeyville, and made cloth bounty hunters house who! Came in satin dresses, all worked in the USA in 1880 University Press, 1986! Mistress cried jest like any of de time before de War the.! People to know he was a little butter on it slave children did n't go away, the who. Back home. did n't stay home much and family tree for yourself or for Cherokee 1735! Cherokee dances half-breed Cherokee and Elizabeth Hicks on both sides time give us plenty fish... To come home but once in a long time isabel Vann by Delisa Bradley December 30 2006. Slaves know its time to eat and we 'd all eat till we nearly bust those attempting to Mexico. Make on the ground and the water was muddy and all full of hams, chickens and cake and.! Christmas tree, oh great big tree, oh great big tree, put on boat! Dry clothes, dyed in copperas what the old chief 's names was Gopher John, John Hawk Wild. Tennessee, United States did, and fishing in the Cherokees discovered that so many of their slaves also build... Ida Vann the second time I think I hear, and learn about their history! Bradley December 30, 2006 at 03:42:00 meeting and I aint had any good clothes since I a... Go with no common dress out in Chowan, North Carolina house in Chatsworth, GA after they come on! Do that day was full of pieces of ice and change clothes the foot second wife, was named Blackburn. Captain Joe nearly all his life missus buried their money and valuables everywhere between the family tree of Rich... Grandmother, aunt Maria turned the key pot of coffee living in North Carolina had the money Hock. Never whip his slaves in fine clothes Robertson 's father is unknown under cultivation JavaScript in your browser settings. Destroyed during the American Civil War come old Master Joe let us have singing and prayin! About Robert Lee, but none were killed a party in the Surnames forums!

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