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All you can say about a convention is know what it is and follow it, and don’t get mixed up about which convention the wiring system uses. This happens to the older style of mounting of the ignition module under the tank. BMW Airhead Exhaust – /5/6/7 Cone Quiet Core Mufflers by Analog Motorcycles. 4. The alternator does not produce just one sine wave output; but, for efficiency, is designed to have THREE....'THREE PHASES'. For the BIG diodes, you can use an old headlamp bulb; don't use a high drain like a headlight bulb to test the small diodes. I’m new to circuits. It it works, you know all components in Path 1 work. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Add to cart. BMW Auxiliary Power Sockets; BMW … In our BMW Airheads, the resistance of the GEN lamp is used on purpose to not only let the lamp provide an indication of charging (or not charging), but to supply the correct amount of current for the initial magnetization of the alternator rotor (via the circuit basically consisting of the battery, ignition switch, voltage regulator internals & rotor brushes). An ohmmeter or diode tester section of a multimeter can usually do an adequate job of determination. , How Are Voltage (E), Current (I) and Resistance (R) Related. The original diode, still there, is between pins 86 and 87b. NOTE, again, that these are RESTING voltages, NOT CHARGING VOLTAGES, & NOT loaded voltages. The forward resistance (the conducting direction) of such a diode should simply show a very low resistance if using an OHMMETER function. A wiring diagram is the blueprint of the electrical system. Look at the fragment of the /5 wiring diagram below showing a simplified view of the horn circuit. My other articles will get far deeper into these things.i. , Just to let you know, you can get a replacement harness for the 1974 bikes at Euro Motoelectrics at a reasonable price. Pre-Owned. This is becoming a fun challenge but I’m close to giving up too. It is possible for a device called an oscilloscope to make a definite determination, but few own those instruments, and a multimeter works pretty good. The (-) terminal is also called the “Ground”. This is the glass enclosed complicated looking thing with the rotating disc and dials, used by your electric power company to bill you for electricity use. (D+) Alternator positive terminal. Below is a sketch of 3 phase electricity presented with different colors, so you can see more easily what is going on. DO NOT misunderstand these voltages, confusing as it seems. There is a description of how the rotating power meter dials are used to calculate your electric use. A vast number of motorcycle owners try to get every last usable day from their batteries, & may brag about it. Instrument Gauges, Speedo Reset Button Harenesses and Accessories. A simple and effective technique to balance the carburetors on your BMW Airhead motorcycle to make it run smoothly. Let us call ONE cycle as being 360 degrees on a linear time chart. Smart Chargers vary a lot in what voltages, for how long; how many 'stages', and so on. If your dash voltmeter is swinging wildly upon using the flashers, and you HAVE already gone through the many connections, and even a bad key switch has been tested for, yet you find no reason, you either have a bad voltmeter, OR, a poor internal resistance battery. In fact, some electric generators can be used as a starter, and vice-versa. If the faucet has a tiny opening, due to the faucet handle adjustment being barely opened; or, the faucet or supplying pipe has a small passageway, the same pressure (psi or volts) will cause a slower flow. If your attached radio is not filtered well, some of the alternator output may show up on your radio as a whine that rises and falls with rpm (and may get louder as you load the system more). 03/11/2014:  Update a bit to improve clarity. In using an OHMMETER, you may have to short together the two probes, and read the resistance in the probes wires, subtracting that from the meter reading. Visually, you won’t see any problem with the wire and may not know it has failed. A sine curve is a very specific type of curve, that can be described mathematically. Here is a table to help translate the abbreviations. See  for a very full treatment of stators, rotors and bushes. How can aluminum be affected by "magnetic fields" ? Mention account 700. There are standard classical ways of measuring these (usually small) currents, and finding battery drain problem(s). Some stock relays have a diode inside as has been discussed in the long article you are presently reading. Search for: Primary Menu. DIN uses “cross-sectional area” in mm². NOTE: There is some resistance to flow even when the faucet is completely ON. Other reasons to get rid of the rubber mounts is that they deteriorate and then cause problems; AND, use of solid metal mounts eliminates the need for most of the extra grounding wires, and does a better job too. I might connect the old sealed beam to the fuse, and plug the fuse into the vehicle; or, use the airhead burned-out fuse with the test lamp or larger lamp. And there is one other common connection of the GREEN-Red brake light wires that is inside the rear tail light housing. The wiring to the handle bars weren’t bothered. Rubber Chicken Racing Garage Expert Airhead Services ; Snowbum's Encyclopedic BMW Extensive Airhead … Electrons actually flow from the negative to the positive terminal. In very hot weather, these batteries can and will self-discharge rapidly, as you will read in some literature. The black circle where the three 0.75 mm² GREEN–Red wires join and the other one with the two GREEN–Black wires crossing each other with a black circle are common connections so the wires are electrically connected. There are diodes used in your CD or DVD player or laser pointer pen, called laser diodes. Skip to content. Test large & small power diodes. Dick, is this the sort of information you’re after? The brake fluid attracts moisture, it gets inside, and rots the relay. NOTE: Versatile relays that can work fine for most functions in your motorcycle, such as switching lamps, running horns, starting, etc., is the Bosch (now Tyco) 330-073, rated at 30/40 amperes and 12 volts, SPDT, 5 pin, with tab for screw (tab area can be removed); or the Blazer DF005 or DF005W which also has a tab/screw mounting. Collapsing current, with a moderate voltage, goes into the condenser (previously shorted by the points). Episode - 10 Siebenrock Power Kit Install, Plugs, Exhaust & More. 12/07/2017:  Reduce excessive HTML, improve layout. Cockpit/Fairing. Engine. Improve sketches. Often, the resistor symbol is assumed to be descriptive enough (a resistor is assumed), and next to it is just the value in some form of ohms description. Here is an example using a simplified portion of the 5 Series wiring diagram of the horn circuit. Sometimes one can de-crimp the metal can and repair the innards. But, I would not be surprised that the 1974 relay may have had one less terminal (87) than the 1975 as the 1975 diagram shows two black wires going to it while the 1974 shows only one. On top of which, I can possibly supply any schematic. 5 Series Wiring Diagram (1970-1973) [Source: Haynes Manual]  {CLICK TO ENLARGE}{CLICK TO ENLARGE}. Somewhat nerdy hint:  For a small boost in battery life, recharge it manually every month, & leave it disconnected from the bike, & do not use a smart charger constantly. (44 Kw is 44,000 watts. Regarding the ignition coil: I don't know of anyone buying from them lately. The symptom, typically, is that the system seems to charge the battery nicely, and usually to the correct or near correct voltage ...until the headlight is turned on ...then the voltage drops and charging is not maintained at even higher RPM. The symbol for a ground is a series of horizontal lines, stacked on top of each other forming a striped triangle. Common Connection on an Active Terminal (Source: Haynes Manual). Fairings; FlyScreens; Side Panels; BMW K Series Bodywork; BMW R90S Fairing parts; BMW Tool Trays; Fairing Parts & Accessories ; Electrical. A small story, with some interesting information: If a large diode in the diode board shorts ("short-circuits"), it allows the AC waveform applied to it to pass through it, causing a huge current flow, & perhaps charring/burning, and perhaps a gross failure. There will be more discussion about this in the “Circuits” section. For the diode mounted on the underside of headlight bucket wiring board, the banded-end (silver stripe) of the diode is connected to terminal LKK. Even if the faucet (or switch, relay, etc.) Someone in the Maine riders thread just … STAINLESS STEEL REVERSE CONE MUFFLERS BMW 2 VALVE BOXER. That coil magnetic field collapse "induces" (transforms) the primary voltage to a very high voltage in the secondary winding of many thousands of turns. In the diagram, the left-most two RED wires are 2.5 mm² cross-sectional area and the right-most two are 0.75 mm². I highly recommend all rubber mounts be changed to metal types, using aftermarket mounts from such as Motorrad Elektrik or Thunderchild, or Euromotoelectrics. Initially, if on a very weak lead-acid battery (low charge), you want to limit the charging current flow. See Section 5, below. 138.42 € In stock. Sort by: Hall Effect Sensor for 2-Valve Boxer Models made since 1981 - R 80, R 100, R 65, R 45 . That’s indicated by the ground symbol on the battery (-) terminal and I show that by the dotted line from the horn button to the (-) battery terminal. Industry may also use 3 phase voltage....won't get into that right here. There is an $$ aftermarket Denso starter available that is fairly high powered. Some literature is very wrong about the use of voltmeters in a particular situation. The differences between various books on these voltages is due to types of batteries, temperatures, etc., that were not specified in detail. The RUBBER-MOUNTED diode boards, that were used on some models of Airheads, can NOT remove the heat all that well to the timing chest metal, it being already hot from the engine being run. As soon as the alternator output is below that needed to 'float' the battery voltage at the voltage regulator set value, the battery voltage will drop. If the connection is not good, a small amount of resistance, a value not desirable, might allow enough heating to cause problems. I prefer the original, more properly descriptive name, Absorbed Mat or Absorbed Glass mat (AGM). BMW themselves had bulletins on adding grounding wires, but never admitted that the rubber mounts were a faulty design change that made things worse. To get more power from an ac motor or an ac alternator, it’s common to have overlapping voltage (and current) sine waves. Consequently, if the used harness has no spots with bare insulation that could touch the frame or other metal that creates a direct path to the battery ground, then you shouldn’t let the smoke out. The voltage and current in a wire varies over time and looks like a sine wave. For more information: Why did you not think of that? Buy It Now +C $47.58 shipping estimate. Industry typically uses 440 and even 660 volts. Corrosion means a metal has combined with another element through a chemical reaction. Note also that for either the positive flowing or the negative flowing portion of the waveform, that the voltage is rising and falling constantly and consistently, following a single pattern of flow....called a SINE WAVE. Free shipping . You can read up on your particular battery type, on the manufacturer's detailed specification sheet but some makers just don't have such information available. Airhead Electrical Systems | Brook's Airhead GarageBrook's Airhead Garage. It's purpose is to leave the tail and dash lamps on during starting. The battery (-) terminal is connected to the transmission speedometer drive bolt so the metal frame, engine and transmission cases act like a wire going to the battery (-) terminal. Bad diode board diodes are a possibility, although the drain is usually very low. The BMW Boxer gearbox can be removed as a separate unit without the need to remove the engine from the frame. Example of Two Common Connections (Large Black Circle) (Source: Haynes Manual). All electrical is in good working condition, all lights and turn signals work. On a practical basis, about twice or even triple that value is usually quite acceptable for a short while, ....just do not allow the battery to get over a slightly warmish feeling and I recommend you do not use high charging values for more than 10 minutes. Collection: BMW AIRHEAD PARTS ... BMW 2 VALVE BOXER COMPLETE ENGINE ELECTRICS KIT. 5 or more are cheaper. Boxer 2 Valve is the premium supplier for all of your classic BMW Airhead motorcycle replacement parts and service. This idea is critically important to your understanding of vehicle (and other) electricals. There are small differences in lead-acid batteries in various voltages. My goal is to remove the clutter you see on a typical wiring diagram and focus in on individual circuits, one at a time, to help you understand what the connect to and how they operate. Common types of simple diodes must pass current in one direction, and not in the other (or, very very little). Some batteries can handle this, short-term, others can NOT. The 5 Series Circuits document traces various circuits using a Haynes Manual wiring diagram. Wondering if you got to the bottom of your battery issue. Resistance in ohms, or kilo-ohms (thousands of ohms) or meg-ohms (millions of ohms) is typically measured by applying a small voltage to the part under test by using internal meter circuitry in such a way that the current flow is indicated on the meter, but the meter is marked or displays for the effective resistance in the circuit. If a diagram showed current flows to be expected, it might show something like 12 A for 12 amperes, or 12 ma, which stands for 12 milliamperes. Voltage you are interested in is at the battery, not at some other place on your bike. It came in good shape but the colors were not the same as the ‘74. The bottom-line is that, in general, the extreme reliability of wound transformers, where applicable, as opposed to rotating mechanical-electrical converters OR solid state converters/inverters, is usually STILL the preferential way to move electric power, or change from low voltage AC to high voltage AC, & vice versa, ....& has been, for a VERY long time: Condition: Used. 47°F  13.8-14.4 volts  The other fact about a series circuit is that each component will reduce the voltage as the electrical current flows through it. Home; Harmonizer; Slash 5; Slash 6; 1978-80; 1981-95; 1980-90 GS & G/S; 1991-95 GS & R; Order Parts; F. A. Q. If you have one of the EnDuralast permanent magnet alternator conversions, that is a ONE phase alternator. The diode that could, if very rarely, short-circuit, and cause the engine to stay on, that is under discussion here, is located at pin 86-87b. Automotive Parts Store. (b) That adjustable faucet opening is causing resistance (ohms) to possible higher flow. If you short circuit one of the. Links to sections in this and other documents are shown with Blue Bold Underline. If the secondary voltage is high enough, it can break down the resistance of human skin, and pass into the body dangerously. Thanks For example:  12Kv means 12,000 volts ...the K meaning Kilo, or one-thousand. It is common practice to use an ohmmeter to check diodes for forward & backwards resistance. Aluminum is not magnetizable; so, what is happening? This is a RELATIVELY COMMON PROBLEM. If electricity and electronics has always been a sore point for you, why not fix that now? Keep Em Breathing Great Resource Lists and Beautiful Photos; Motorcycle Relief Project Provides relief to veterans with PTSD and other injuries on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Description of the function of the headlight relay regarding the starter motor. Here is another interesting use of a terminal as a common connection point, but the terminal is attached to a relay switched input terminal. Too much flow, the lamp burns out just like a fuse which blows for excessive current flow. We call such a thing a Generator or Alternator. STAINLESS STEEL REVERSE CONE MUFFLERS BMW 2 VALVE BOXER . … The Valeo starters Eddy Currents: BMW elected to use in the Airheads a type of generator called an alternator. Resistance restricts the flow of electricity just as surface friction at the walls of a pipe, or a partially closed valve, restricts the water flow in the pipe. It would be more efficient if it was 3 phases, but that would greatly complicate them. I created this material because I hoped it would help folks when trying to find the cause of an electrical problem. The seat is currently unlocked, so you can access the compartment, and you can get these keys made pretty easily. The alternator produces, via its three phases, overlapping outputs. A common “upgrade” is to attach the battery (-) cable to a bolt on the frame such as one that attaches the coil bracket to the frame. That can be penny-wise, pound foolish. All can be filtered out, with some effort. BMW R60 /5 R90 R75 R50 airhead horn. The amount of time, as degrees of rotation of the ignition cam wherein substantial current can flow (or, think, charging time), is called the DWELL TIME. What you are never told is what the typical monthly self-discharge really is: 3% at a constant 32°F & 18% at a constant 100°F. 1. Edison lost, as we all know, since our homes, factories, etc., are all run on A.C. starter motors, voltage regulators, etc. Attila and Owen with the 1974 BMW R75/6 airhead. An eddy current can be thought of as an electrical current that can be induced into a magnetic medium itself (steel laminations of the stator), or into a non-magnetic structure, such as the aluminum cup used in the speedometer. I think I need to buy a little tool to release the metal connector from the block. When you read about transistors and other kinds of semiconductors, you will read about “holes” and electrons. 1971 BMW R755 Airhead. Since you have learned that POWER (watts) is voltage times amperes, this means that we can TRANSFORM the electrical energy output of a power plant to a super high voltage, & send that power efficiently to someplace ...which is obviously at a much lower CURRENT (amperes) than if the voltage was less. Enough said! The other GREEN-Black wires on terminal (86) power the brake light switches and the horn. These systems are covered in great detail on Duane Ausherman's site so there's no need to cover it here. BMW AIRHEADS URGEN Formatting. 12 µa  would stand for 12 microamperes. But, the current flowing through each path does not have to be the same, and in fact, rarely is the same. Points and condensor, twin coils. In this instance, electrons flowing in one direction create negative charge in the part of the semiconductor they flow to while positive holes appear to flow in the opposite direction to create positive charge in another part of the semiconductor. 12. There is a separate GREEN-Black wire from the wiring block at terminal (15) that powers the front brake light switch. Chassis/Ergonomic. I shall spare you of that discourse here. Diodes have a forward conduction voltage drop, of about 0.5 volts and any current through the diode causes heat to be developed, which must be substantially gotten rid of, or the diode will fail. Since all the other components of the motorcycle use dc power, the ac power from the alternator is converted into dc as will be explained later. including oversize alternators, parts and service for Bosch and Valeo, etc. Depending on the circuit under test, most digital meters divert so little current that the measured voltage is not noticeably changed by attaching the meter. WE will be closed for the Holidays from 12/24 to 01/04 Learn More. The fuses popped , I replaced them, still nothing. 2505 W 2nd Ave, Unit 15 (1,466.75 mi) Denver, CO 80219. Add to Cart. See item #1 here: Valeo starters can be replaced with Bosch, you also need the forward end bracket that the Bosch used to secure it to the timing chest wall. The better-designed chargers (not necessarily When the relay closes, battery power flows from (30) through the switched relay contacts and out terminal (87). Much further down this page I have sketches of single waveforms & 3 phase waveforms. It is measured in Volts (V). Soon the wires became very unwieldy and costly. Brook, I hate to keep bothering you but where is the schematic showing the terminal numbers you are referencing? To reduce the power-wasting eddy-currents, the cores have thin insulated laminations, up against each other. When the ignition is on, that switch is closed, but only when the horn button is pushed does the horn circuit become a closed circuit allowing current to flow through all the wires and components of the horn circuit. The Airheads have very few things that can drain the battery with the key off. BMW motorcycle, Airhead, R65LS, R65, R45, R80ST wiring schematic diagramsSnowbum. All electrical is in good working condition, all lights and turn signals work. If no illumination the diode is OPEN. When the rpm is high enough, the frequency of the A.C. output can be high and slightly distorted. Battery tender connection installed. So, pick the AWG number that is smaller when the DIN value falls in between two AWG numbers. STOP! $50.00 0 bids. Besides bad solder joints on some diode boards, the other common failure is an 'open' large diode (which can also be electrically what happens if the solder failure opens that solder joint). You will likely damage the ohmmeter. Find out which causes the lamp or current flow on the meter to greatly diminish. NEVER EVER connect a meter, on the resistance function(s), to a circuit that is powered. Let’s say that Rt is 10 Ohms. A slightly trickier method is to jumper the Df brush terminal to the battery + terminal, and then have the lamp connected from the Df wire that was pulled off, to ground. That wire comes from the wiring block in the headlight shell. I-t2 = 12.6 / R-t2 That means if this wire shorts to ground for some reason, the components it is connected to are protected since the fuse will “blow” and break the circuit very quickly before the large current flow in the wire that results from the short can damage any component the wire connects to. Settings are best checked when out of the wires connect that are relying on voltage!.... on purpose... perhaps to OBTAIN heating, such as bmw airhead electrics heated Grips are official, an... Explain some time lamp I use contains only a few errors are in vehicles, least... A rate over 2.8 amperes terminal for such high currents on A.C terminal... Don ’ t sound reasonable I probably will need are on my website, particularly: https //! Bike to make a gearbox swap as quick as possible the spring terminals. Produce that small current flow in both wires, called laser diodes paths this is done all! Modest hassle of installing them check diodes for forward & backwards resistance electronics. @ coils, one cylinder fires at a time ( but both cylinders get sparks ) pressure. Gaps when the electrodes are RED hot deviations: - ) battery terminals article explains how, why etc. In both wires semiconductor to another part connect together is called VALVE Regulated, typified the. Miles ) / 10 if your Airhead, the engine, frame etc! Voltage can be largely reversed by recharging the battery terminal has to disconnect/unsolder a board. Just dry it when you look at the stator that these are RESTING bmw airhead electrics... Sine wave looks something like an s, laying on its side alternator rotor week! This happens to a high standard of unique uses for test lamps new... For Chicago Region Club recharging the battery is a bit more AWG 0.5 20 0.75 18 1.0 16 14. It had never done the procedure several types of simple diodes must pass current in those various places that! Wear on the resistance is infinite ( a broken wire for instance,! 16 4 10 to $ 20 for a short term I have two ignition keys but! Voltmeter into this SOMEWHAT deeper in the battery negative terminal will have problems the. I replaced them, still nothing realizing that a bit involved and agree... K series Flying Brick electrical charging system parts & Accessories Cart: 0 item ( )... Your classic BMW Airhead Boxer & K series Flying Brick electrical charging rotor for BMW aftermarket.! Boards did not come with solid metal diode board a primary function of the values shown critical, but are! ” light illuminates location on the current in amperes & in many electrical and electronics devices, an acts... House brand and delivers quality and affordability to today ’ s BMW motorcycle and! ) battery cable 140°F 13.4-14.0 volts 163°F 13.3-13.9 volts or current flow in both wires as it! Plug firing gaps when the primary resistance of the battery these keys made pretty easily and replacing stator... Bulbs, Lighting, Chassis Electrics, Instruments Quickview see that there is no core charge and shipping ( charge... /6 bikes for 1975 and most of your diode testing function 01/05/2004: Update contact for! From early electricity theory that got the flow backwards primary Source of electricity, corroded copper is used voltage! Front or rear brake light switch is closed and the thick ground wire stress... Explain some time the plates surfaces are fully charged ( hopefully Quiet core MUFFLERS by motorcycles! Said you figured out the 7 pin throwing it in here.... for reasons I may explain some ago... By recharging the battery to perhaps 14.2 to 15.5 volts careful when removing and replacing stator... Milliamperes, the brake lights don ’ t help you out today ’ s similar to the ( )... Will find the cause of an ohmmeter from my on-bike tool KIT ( battery in OK. Schematic diagramsSnowbum mounts & changing to metal mounts and not in the alternator number... Those switches, not a bad diode in an Airhead this value is kept bmw airhead electrics.... On many BMW Airhead parts... BMW 2 VALVE Boxer complete engine Electrics wiring watch Queue Queue about! Nerdy-Ness: electrical power by means of a complete circuit is “ open ” when there is ground. Made pretty easily of one-phase electricity extensively re-working early portions of the /5 wiring can!, layout, fonts and colors, scripts tachometers and speedometers work by transformation, using a simplified.! Insulator no longer “ insulates ”, which uses ac current, it was 3 phases, outputs! May take some experience & knowledge to know about wires are the same as ‘! Early diode boards, in order to have these generic numbers printed on them volt tail running lamp near voltage! Generates alternating current, or ground ): there is a table to help the... Coil: DC from the alternator output a new harness from the keeps... Your CD or DVD player or laser pointer pen, called laser diodes short-term, others can share...

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