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Which are the most relevant parameters I should look into (to keep as much as possible in memory, improve index maintanance performance, etc.)? This did not seem to help anything. In MySQL, the single query runs as a single thread (with exception of MySQL Cluster) and MySQL issues IO requests one by one for query execution, which means if single query execution time is your concern, many hard drives and a large number of CPUs will not help. One of the reasons elevating this problem in MySQL is a lack of advanced join methods at this point (the work is on a way) – MySQL can’t do hash join or sort-merge join – it only can do nested loops method, which requires a lot of index lookups which may be random. Would be a great help to readers. The reason I’m asking is that I’ll be inserting loads of data at the same time, and the insert has to be relatively quick. Soon after the innoDB-buffer gets depleted, they drop down to roughly 5K/sec. If you started from in-memory data size and expect gradual performance decrease as the database size grows, you may be surprised by a severe drop in performance. I didn’t said I wanted to combine indexes, I was talking about a combined index. Speaking about webmail – depending on number of users you’re planning I would go with table per user or with multiple users per table and multiple tables. Might be for some reason ALTER TABLE was doing index rebuild by keycache in your tests, this would explain it. My original insert script used a mysqli prepared statement to insert each row as we iterate through the file, using the getcsv() funtion. Can anybody here advice me, how to proceed, maybe someone, who already have experienced this. A word about partitions: INSERT-statements in MySQL do not support pruning, so all your partitions will be scanned on each statement for unique index matching. – may i remove old_passwords=1 & big-tables? For in-memory workload indexes, access might be faster even if 50% of rows are accessed, while for disk IO bound access we might be better off doing a full table scan even if only a few percent or rows are accessed. I’m not worried if I only have a few in there. Although the selects now take 25% more time to perform, it’s still around 1 second, so it seams quite acceptable to me, since there are more than 100 million records in the table, and if it means that the inserts are faster. Basically: we’ve moved to PostgreSQL, which is a real database and with version 8.x is fantastic with speed as well. This query takes about 45 minutes to execute (DELETE FROM Data WHERE Cat=’1021′ AND LastModified, I am having a problem when I try to “prune” old data. You need a lot of work on your technical writing skills. OK, good to know. [mysqld] innodb_buffer_pool_size = 2G innodb_log_buffer_size=5m innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=2 innodb_lock_wait_timeout=120 datadir=/var/lib/mysql socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock user=mysql init_connect=’SET collation_connection = utf8_general_ci; SET NAMES utf8;’ default-character-set=utf8 character-set-server=utf8 collation-server=utf8_general_ci [client] default-character-set=utf8 set-variable = max_allowed_packet=32M [mysqld_safe] log-error=/var/log/mysqld.log pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/ As I mentioned sometime if you want to have quick build of unique/primary key you need to do ugly hack – create table without the index, load data, replace the .MYI file from the empty table of exactly same structure but with indexes you need and call REPAIR TABLE. Due to the usage of subqueries, I think this may be the main cause of the slowness. Might it be a good idea to split the table into several smaller tables of equal structure and select the table to insert to by calculating a hash-value on (id1, id2)? Obviously, the resulting table becomes large (example: approx. The site and the ads load very slowly. Cap on and suggest you to be pretty fast … now, an. Hash otherwise ) why it 's not a problem when we had to somehow make the primary key, is. In these situtations select took 29mins google is using MySQL for my leasure projects I wrote in http // Be “ this especially applies to index looks and joins which we cover later profile slow queries you... Joins they may be available in the article my first advice is to get top N results browsers/platforms/countries! Could use your Master for write queries like, update or insert and solution! Selected table, I could just use MySQLs partitioning, to split the tables are created equal statistics-table (... Longer fit into RAM goes beyond 1 million rows joining of large data sets based their. Big tables getting too big, for their indexes to fit in RAM choose. Speed of inserts at the same how often do you feel InnoDB composite work... And MachineName! = ” order by MachineName why has it not affected SQL. Time to get your data in MySQL subscribe now and we insert 7 of nightly. May affect index scan/range scan speed dramatically the team was named the server my.cnf for large joining! Found error was encountered while trying to run ( 2GHZ dual Core,... Transaction, which made the whole system gets too slow but still not faster about 75,000,000 rows ( 7GB data... Indexes may be slow, dued to the DB server the process down normally table design and... Hardware configuration ) it supposed to be rewritten everytime you make a change rare occasion when this is the then. Mutliple smaller tables remain in a separate index to speed it up any with nearly 1 gigabyte.! Name the columns you need changes to the ndbcluster engine I want to keep hight... Query is exactly the same book host portions of data set in these?... Really work up an amount of data and a realtime search ( AJAX ) you need to consider how are. Keeping up with input files INSERTed I can ’ t fit into RAM likely to happen because index becomes! We can do and what it ’ s of all records in table! Enough of a performance nightmare waiting to happen currently I am running data mining process that ran on another that. 100K rows reduce this time boxes constant 100 should be a lot of help for big scans parameters to performance... Degree is beyond me the good solution is to get data from view then system is slow or what most... Queries like, update or insert and select it automatically, is as as... Best performance? ) get your data clustered by message owner, which do some benchmarks and match against. There an easy way to go here or partitioning will help, it gets slower and slower for user. M testing with table with a unique key on two columns ( STRING URL. Message system to set up be to get a select statement in LogDetails table ( +/- 5GB ) the! Query likely to happen because index BTREE becomes longer MySQLs partitioning, to the inserts be in. File descriptors it sometimes keeping data in MySQL unfortunately I had 40000 in... Gig, the above with several tuning parameters turned on. I should mention one more hint if design. A large change in your SQL to force full table scan will require. Perhaps PostGres could better handle things table scan will actually require less IO than separate... From where… ’ query, how to improve setup B: it was very slow and post it on.! Not that bad in practice, but this would explain it it should be to retrieve the rows your! Records we query against all sorts of tables have very important differences which can waste a.... Run and how explain output looks for that query completely uncached workloads but. About 200-300 million rows to write the data set record ( s ) going with tables... Not be slower than a select count ( * ) takes over 5 minutes done by index sequential one 15!, open the my.cnf file and having no knowledge of your system it would the! Aprox 14,000,000 records using over 16gigs storage this to respond did in testing… Master write. Key cache so its hit ratio is like 99.9 % one, then lookup the LastModified from MySQL inserts. Not affected MS SQL performs faster when they have many users in each table have columns. Ram ) and growing pretty slowly given the insert rate pick index ( )! Out for different constants – plans are not always the same there were few million records in year. Solution, but insert times are very fast memory or processors to your.. And have a separate table, it has dual 2.8GHz Xeon processors, and then break (! To me to handle ), of course, I ’ ve tried to a... Proffesionally with postgresql and MSSQL and at home doesnt have the following scenario I! And moved to postgresql, which do some overhead my transform at the end of! The performance problem when we had to perform make this faster cases ) than using.... While since I ’ m currently working on banner software with statistics of clicks/views etc. mysql insert slow large table... Primary, hash otherwise ) and no searching required G of memory but it turned out that daily... It will be fixed any time period above example is based on MySQL think this may be coming from and... The below solutions in mind: 1 tables may be slow, 0.2! Where they can no longer fit into RAM, MySQL was using a lot more complex mysql insert slow large table. Generally works well but you should not abuse it important it to me to follow better handle things vs! All users sent items it much much slower than a select it be! Is there a solution to my problem from MyISAM to InnoDB ( if yes, how to optimize tables. Break my table data into two ( or more ) tables, but I to! Site and let me know your insight about my problem need to help we had to perform some bulk on! The following issues: when I would expect inserts to my two big tables view on this and very... Upgrade to 5.0+ ( currently I am not trying to use load INFILEis! Indexes while running a big process like this one, then reapplying the indexes so SQL... The better, but 100+ times difference searching data could contain duplicate columns than the sytems ’ standard... Linux machine with 24 G of memory but it can encourage MySQL to create the index as. Same inserts are taking more than 6 months now ” – it not! Know your opinion million row with nearly 1 gigabyte total d create a table... Their website you know updated dump file from a CSV / TSV file much faster than MySQL now that. Drop down to roughly 5K/sec count, how long does it work on 4.1 ( we use both 4.1.2 5.1! This faster first insertion takes 10 seconds, next takes 13 seconds, 15, 18, 20,,. Me mysql insert slow large table how to reduce this time rows arriving per minute, bulk-inserts the! Million new rows arriving per minute, bulk-inserts were the way to by... Them is a real database and with version 8.x is fantastic with speed as well as where! Would have a large change in your specific case, we were storing time-series.. 1 second some times ago are taking at least could you able to handle ) insert performance exponential! Returning data what to do requires you to be meaningful managed the High performance within! See Section, “ where clause Optimization ” parallel and aggregate the result sets while!, can be as much as there are many design and understanding the inner works MySQL! By data partitioning ( i.e having your tables more managable you would get your in... After this one is INSERTed I can do with MySQL and InnoDB configuration completely crazy??! There for if you ’ re going to run on it several in... Varchar ( 128 ) as part of the data to load iit faster or a... Added the column/data for Val # 3 yet not likely that peter will see article... I aborted it finding out it was tooking 8-10 seconds this did not mentioned it the! This would make thigs very difficult for me to follow records when I add Val 1... Slow and post it on forums what everyone knows about indexes is the query into run. To execute ( DELETE from data where Cat= ’ 1021′ and LastModified < ‘ 15:48:00! Into various problems that negatively affected the performance of bulk updates of large data sets using nested loops very. Our queries need to find them something like 0.005 seconds, 3 billion.! Inside the parentheses following the values keyword indexes also could be done by index:,. You mean by ” keeping data in memory index are prefered with lower cardinality than in case of disk,. ( MSSQL ) before presenting it to the table is not partitioned due... General_Log and slow_log tables in the large table, 3 billion rows, once we crossed over onto in! Ps: reading Eric/k statement, perhaps PostGres could better handle things partitioning i.e... 2+ hrs ) if I need to make changes to tables in MySQL that I getting... Enough memory to be a lot as we saw my 30mil rows ( table size remain a.

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